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225 Kingsbury Grade Suite C Stateline NV 89449 US

Heart Rock Herb & Spice Co. LLC​​


Read what they're saying about us, and what we are boasting about!

I opened my mailbox yesterday and I knew your spices were there. The fragrance is unmistakable. Then to my delight you had included your wonderful housewarming gifts, I love them! Lemon Pepper is one of my favorite spice blends too, and where did you find heart shaped measuring spoons??? Too cute.

Diane, you have always shown generosity, diligence, creativity, kindness and excellence.

I am so glad I went to Barton's Bfit soup class mostly because I found you there!

Thank you for who you are and for all your many kindnesses to me.....

God's rich abundant blessings to you my friend,



"This was one of the best housewarming gifts we received! I can't wait until the kitchen is ready for

us to start cooking again. The All Clad skillet will get a lot of use and I love the Heart Rock logo on the tea towel. Great presentation. You guys are the best!

Oh, those spice blends are too. Thank you so much!"

New Home Owner Jen in South Lake Tahoe, CA


The picture on the right is from the 3rd Annual Sample the Sierra, held over Labor Day weekend 2012. We teamed with Rowena at Lakeside Beach Grill. It was a popular tent, offering tasty food and my spice blends! What a fun day.


My in-laws purchased the Spice of the Month club for me as a Christmas gift this year and I've been blown away. The quality and freshness and absolutely perfect balances of spices in the blends has been amazing. I'm so grateful for your skills and dedication to doing such a wonderful job. One of the blends I received was labeled Julia Child's, but I don't see it on the list of available blends to purchase. Hands down, despite having gone to over a hundred Indian restaurants and hundreds of preparations of chickpeas in my own kitchen, I have to say that the Julia Childs blend redefined what I say is the best chickpea dish I've ever tasted or made. I gave some to a vegan family just to share with them what your blend had created and they reflected the same response, that it was the best they'd ever had as well. So please, can you tell me how I may order some more of this blend? Sincerely and best regards, -Tyge

Thanks for your note Tyge. Naturally the Julia Child's blend is my interpretation of the spice mix she used quite frequently in her cooking. I'm pleased that you and your friends like it so much! I will be offering it under another name. It will be available mid-September. I'm so glad you are enjoying the Spice of the Month Club, I think it rocks too!

Diane Weidinger


Eva from Utah sent in a picture of her spice drawer with all the Heart Rock tins. She says, " We use your spices for everything, including our homemade ice cream! Thanks for making every mealtime even more enjoyable.



Every month I mean to send you an email letting you know how much I'm enjoying my spices. My husband uses them more than me and he loves experimenting. I think my favorite is the lemon pepper. I'm looking forward to the herb pepper arriving in February. I think we can come up with lots of uses for it. Great additions from the regular you would get in the grocery store.

This has been the best birthday gift-it just keep a coming!! You are very creative.

Nan (Tucson, AZ )


Diane, I am loving the spices that we made in the class with Peggy. Gilberto, our chef at Café Fiore was impressed as well. I would like to take another class and bring along at least one friend. Could you please let me know when you are planning another? I also wondered if you have spoken to Brian at Overland Meats. I think he would love your products. Thanks again.

Fondly, Shandi

Brian at Overland Meats carry's over two dozen of our spice blends! This picture is outdated. We had to go with a much larger basket! Meat Mix and their signature  Overland Blend are consistent top sellers. Brian uses these amoung others when he cooks for his family. He's also using our BBQ Tahoe Blend for his rotisserie chicken and All-Purpose in his pre-made beef burgers, since 2014.


I'll definitely be getting some more spices, it's nice to have fresh, already mixed blends that I can just mix into whatever I'm cooking, instead of having to get out 4-8 (most likely stale) spices and measure them all out!

Thanks, Janill (South Lake Tahoe)


"Marin was impressed by the idea of bringing simple spices and herbs together to create marvelous flavors and multiple uses. She enjoyed the independence you allowed for them to have in the cooking process. I have liberated our spice cabinet and have used one or more of the spices the girls created everyday this week. We think you are amazing!"

Danielle (South Lake Tahoe)


"I told my husband he has to go to your next class after I came home and talked on and on about our experience blending and cooking.

Thanks you so much!"



"The "Cooking with Kidlet's" class on August 3rd was superb!

Menus were well within their reach and they learned that they have taste buds that "pop" with

the right herbs/spices. They were cherubs and really enjoyed the hands-on, as did their parents/aunt. You have a knack for making everyone feel comfortable in your home and kitchen.Thanks for allowing me to prep and be part of your team. Feel free to ask anytime."

V. Hanes (Stateline, NV)


"Thanks so much for the beautiful spice blending classes and the wonderful private tour of the Thunderbird Lodge. The girls had a great time. You're a wealth of knowledge!"

Reneé and The Neighborhood Girls from Baton Rouge, LA


We have really been enjoying your spices. That Italian is great on zucchini and broccoli. John loves all the Thai, Curry, Asian and the Malaysian especially. You have certainly spiced up our lives!! The only negative is that the thin round tin that does not screw on, is an absolute bitch to get off. I have spilled it several times because it pops off hard when you don’t expect it (might be our 6500 foot altitude) Just thought you would want to know.


Good news Lil- Those pesty little tins that gave you fits have been 86ed (restaurant lingo for gone/out/nothing left) Also, the Spice of the Month tins have been replaced with a slightly larger, easier to open lid as well. Heart Rock Herb & Spice Co. is committed to supplying you the highest quality products and that includes tins along with the herb & spice blends! Thanks for your in put.


A visit with my girlfriends from Sacramento! After reading about our wonderful weekend, click on the "Heart Rock Herb & Spice Co." picture for more info. This part of the blog also has a few pictures of our packaging.


Again, thank you so so much, you have been so kind. And I am very impressed with a) your Herb Club idea, b) your website, c) your packaging, d) your personal attention......and oh, e) your spices !!

Got package on Saturday! And so beautifully wrapped. Your packaging is absolutely beautiful. I am thrilled and pleased!



I really enjoyed your website and reading everything. All of your work and preparation really shows, and it was very easy to order. Many of the things I am getting will be small gifts for co-workers and cousins. If you could send some extra business cards, I will put one in their gift bag.

We really enjoyed our visit. Thank you so much for inviting us into your beautiful home. We had a wonderful time. I look forward to using my spices. We are enjoying the potourri in our family room. I can't wait until December 1 to break out the peppermint one!

Donna and Ben