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225 Kingsbury Grade Suite C Stateline NV 89449 US

Heart Rock Herb & Spice Co. LLC​​

Travel Spice Kits & Gift Boxes

Bridal Shower ~ Wedding Favors ~ Baby Shower

Wedding Favors!

No wedding is to small or large. We can customize your favors to fit your budget!

Many options. Priced from $4.00 .

The picture to the left consists of a 1 oz. tin and a set

of the most adorable heart shaped measuring spoons

in an organza bag that matched the brides colors for 

the special day. It prices out at $7.00 however, quantity

will dictate the final price. Other sizes are also available.  

Contact Diane directly - [email protected]

Travel Spice Kits

Two Sizes to choose From!

Spices: 1oz each - Enter 6
Spices: 1oz each - Enter 3
Spices: 2oz each - Enter 6

Hostess Gift Boxes

Hostess Gift Box #1
Spices: 2oz each - Enter 4
Hostess Gift Box #2
Spices: 4oz each - Enter 4
Hostess Gift Box #3
Spices: 1oz each - Enter 5
Spices: 1oz each - Enter 4
Spice Lovers Gift Box $55.95
Spices: 2oz each - Enter 6
Spices: 2oz each - Enter 5

Heart Rock Herb & Spice Co. is up and running to fill Mother's Day , Birthday and "Just A Hug" Days. Since we're all eating at home and needing inspiration, it's time to order your Mother, Wife, Friend, some fresh spice & herb blends! Baskets make excellent wedding gifts too!

Custom Made Baskets! 

Take the hassle out of gift giving! Let us design a wonderful basket, full of Heart Rock spice blends, kitchen gadgets and depending on the size even tea towels and dish soap. Choose what size fits your budget, give us an idea of what blends you'd like as well as the size tin you want and we'll make it come together. Every basket is unique!

5 Sizes Offered
1 oz. tins:
4 oz. tins

This is an example of a XL basket, it holds four 4 oz. tins, five 2 oz. tins, plus a tea towel and heart shaped measuring spoons snugly fit in a sturdy picket fence basket that's reusable! This particular basket was packed low for shipping purposes, 75 were shipped as corporate holiday gifts!